Tuning Bells

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Wed Oct 1 19:59:53 BST 2003

>From memory, the Riverside N.Y. bass bell is about eighteen and one 
quarter tons. It was cast at somewhere near twenty two tons. The 
bell bears Gillett & Johnston's name. But as I have intimated 
previously on this site, I have heard it said that it was in fact 
cast by a marine engineering company that produced ships' propellers 
and had huge furnace capacity.
I seem to remember that a very large bell produced in France(?) for 
U.S.A. was similarly cast by propeller manufacturers. This happened 
within the last ten years or so.

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> Alan Buswell has kindly sent me details of my beloved Roker bells. 
I note that the tenor was cast at 25-1-24 and tuned to 22-2-26. Is 
this about the "normal" amount that would be expected to be removed 
from a bell during the initial tuning process?
> Mike

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