Cornish 4-bell towers

Susan Dalton at v...
Mon Oct 13 20:01:04 BST 2003

GERRANS. All 4 by L & J 1880. Tuned by WBF 1978 for Arthur Fidler who 
rehung them that year for chiming. I don't know what sort of chiming but I
am sure Arthur would say. (He has indeed now retired from bellhanging.)

ST PINNOCK. All 4 by Pennington 1803. When seen by me in July 1969 they
were hung for ringing, in frame & fittings apparently of similar date, but
unringable with broken wheels etc. I have no subsequent information.

TRENEGLOS. All 4 by Pennington 1712. Said to have been rehung in 1881.
When seen by me in August 1966 they were hung for ringing in a thin wooden
frame but were unringable. Again I have no subsequent info.


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