Hanley, Staffs and Hatfield, Yorkshire

Michael Childs mtchilds at y...
Sun Oct 19 20:55:06 BST 2003

I was wondering if some could provide details of the
G&J ten at Hanley, Stoke on Trent. 

Why are they unringable? When were they last rung? are
there any plans to move the bells to another church?

I am sure many list members are aware of the sad state
of affairs at Hatfield, Yorkshire. For those who are
not, a magnificent 1927 Taylor eight hang at the top
of a tall tower, but cannot even be swung as the
ringing room is almost totally filled by a heating
system. The bells are chimed by an Ellacombe apparatus
and sounded wonderful when myself and Mr Aspland
visited a few years ago.


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