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Another one from DLC

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And not only rings. Two single bells stand out in my own mind. One of
course, all 14.1/2-tons of it, is 'Great George' of Liverpool, cast in 1940
at Loughborough (though not installed until 1951 at Liverpool Cathedral).
The other, at All Hallows, Easton, Bristol, is at the other end of the scale
and was cast by Llewellins & James in September 1940 (the month is inscribed
on the bell) - just two months before the destruction of the foundry on 29th

Bellfounders' activities during both WW1 and WW2 are to some extent
documented, although the specifics are largely in the Primary Sources.
Barwells' 'last fling' bell-wise was I believe casting thousands of ARP
bells. G&J typically made good use of the publicity their own particular
precision work gave, and there is quite a bit in their cuttings books at
Croydon. It did lead to their undoing as bellfounders. CFJ's
fellow-directors (Michael Howard excepted) saw much more profit in
diversifying into this field than staying with clocks and bells of Gillett &
Johnston (Engineering) Ltd, Bourdon Tools Ltd and Microcastings (Croydon)
Ltd. It all ended in tears.

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On a 'similar' theme, it would be interesting to know which rings of
bells were cast during the war. On the Bells in Worcestershire site
it states that Hanbury were the last ring of bells cast by Taylors
before the war started. Possible ones cast after the war had started
are Doncaster, Birmingham St. Chad (1/11/1939?) both from
Loughborough. There may be others, and from other founders,
particularly as hostilities were coming to an end. What was the work
entrusted to the three bell foundries during the war?---

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> Does anyone know if a list exists of the many bells cast by Gillett
> Johnston for the many RSAF Stations established during the Second
World War.

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