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Wed Oct 29 12:36:44 GMT 2003

-No David. Please DON'T unblock attachments. As far as I can tell, yahoo has 
never let them appear in digests, and they are now no longer kept in the 
archives. So those of us on digest will never get to see what there was! As someone 
did suggest, please can anything of real interest be put in the files section 
via the yahoo web interface.

And before anyone suggests it, I don't really think that changing to view 
individual messages rather than digests will help. Amongst the merry noise and 
clatter of ringing chat, I find that Bell historians messages tend to get lost 
unless I can have them banded together.


Giles Blundell

<< From: "Marchant, Andrew (RDSSW)" 
Subject: RE: Digest Number 544

What was the attached? It didn't appear in the digest format!

From: "David Bryant" <david at b...>
Subject: Re: tuning

Attachments are blocked at the moment since the last virus problem. I'll
unblock them now.

David >>

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