[Bell Historians] Jeffries and Price

A Willis zen16073 at z...
Thu Oct 30 10:01:46 GMT 2003

Is there a list of Jeffries/Jeffries & Price bells, or even an approx number
of how many there are and the years they span?


Firstly bear in mind that 'Church Bell of Gloucester' only list church bells
in the Diocese of Gloucester.

There are some in Wiltshire, but again Walters list only church bells. He
lists Chicklade, 1/1 1832; Lacock 4/6 (1852); Semington 1/1 (no date);
Sopworth 2/2 (1844). There may be others. I know that Lacock, Semington and
Sopworth are re-casts of earlier bells, and I presume Chicklade is too.

Anne Willis

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