David Bryant in Devon and David Cawley elsewhere

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Tue Sep 2 10:57:08 BST 2003

Iron stock at CREDITON. Inscription on one side: 
'J . W . BULLER ESQR WARDEN 1838' and on the other
It was on the tenor and must have weighed almost as much as the bell!

EXETER CATHEDRAL. The non-standard bolting to the stocks of the 9th
('Cobthorne') and 11th ('Stafford'), which are both Thomas Purdue bells of
1676, is surely to do with the characteristics of the crowns of these bells.
It is known that the 9th had to be cast without canons because the founder
ran short of metal. Both are fabulously good bells, notwithstanding, as is
the coeval Peter Bell in the other tower.

DLC's contribution on STAR STREET, SOUTHFLEET, OXBOROUGH, etc. was erudite
and interesting as always. Indeed not all the bells at Star Street had
Doncaster canons - I never said they did and only referred to them in
relation to the published weight of the tenor.

Mention of Oxborough [sic] church reminded me of the bell I found at Oxburgh
[sic] Hall nearby. 17 3/8 inches, blank, fine casting and clearly medieval
and older than the house. King's Lynn foundry? - dunno, not my area! It
was about ready to drop when I saw it, right onto processions of National
Trust visitors heading for the loos, but for once the Trust acted promptly
on my advice and got it refitted by Hayward Mills (I think).

C D 

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