[Bell Historians] David Bryant in Devon

David Bryant david at b...
Tue Sep 2 14:20:45 BST 2003

> Iron stock at CREDITON. Inscription on one side:
> 'J . W . BULLER ESQR WARDEN 1838' and on the other
> It was on the tenor and must have weighed almost as much as the bell!

Thanks - it looks like it could to with cleaning down and painting.

> EXETER CATHEDRAL. The non-standard bolting to the stocks of the 9th
> ('Cobthorne') and 11th ('Stafford'), which are both Thomas Purdue bells of
> 1676, is surely to do with the characteristics of the crowns of these
> It is known that the 9th had to be cast without canons because the founder
> ran short of metal. Both are fabulously good bells, notwithstanding, as
> the coeval Peter Bell in the other tower.

Yes - my impression is that the 11th is the best of the lot.

Re. my mention in the earlier posting of the black-letter inscription on the
4th of 1616, is this common with post-medieval bells from the Exeter


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