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Wed Sep 3 18:43:10 BST 2003

What does it say on the dial? The picture isn't clear enough to read the

Talking of clocks, there is a clock chime in the tower alongside the
Clydebank District Court in Dumbarton Road, Glasgow. I passed it a couple of
times last week, but it was difficult to see what was in the tower other
than a few bells hung for chiming. A quick look in Mike Chester's list did
not find any details. I was just curious to know what there was up the
tower - does anybody know?

David Bagley

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Please can anyone identify the maker of the turret clock that is in the
ringing chamber of St. Nicholas Church, Bromham, Wiltshire, (6 bells, 15 1/2
cwt.) Picture attached. The clock was installed in 1871; it bears no makers
name, or mark. Local records are no help as It was 'paid for by public
subscription'. I am hoping that a 'Bell historian' may also be a 'Clock
historian', or perhaps someone can point me to a Clock Historian Egroup?

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