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This looks like a Thwaites & Reed to me, though evidently supplied through =
another maker (local) who put his own name on the setting dial. The Bromham=
clock isn't listed in the Thwaites & Reed catalogues, but that doesn'yt me=
an they didn't make it.

Dennis could try asking Chris McKay of the Turret Clock Group (Antiquarian =
Horological Society) who is very at identifying makers, and may have seen t=
he Bomham clock himself anyway. He's at chris.mckay at t...

Chris P
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Please can anyone identify the maker of the turret clock that is in the r=
inging chamber of St. Nicholas Church, Bromham, Wiltshire, (6 bells, 15 1/2=
cwt.) Picture attached. The clock was installed in 1871; it bears no make=
rs name, or mark. Local records are no help as It was 'paid for by public =
subscription'. I am hoping that a 'Bell historian' may also be a 'Clock hi=
storian', or perhaps someone can point me to a Clock Historian Egroup?

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