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Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Wed Sep 10 16:03:19 BST 2003

Am I too late to respond to David's question? I've been away on a 
short holiday.

1) As regards layout, I agree with other subscriber's that Chris 
Dalton's Dorset books set the standard, I find them the easiest to 
use and also the best to look at of all the county books on my 

2) As regards content, as bells are musical instruments I think one 
should always comment on their musical quality. I don't mean tuning 
figures, these are rather dry and meaningless, I mean qualitative 
judgements on the pleasantness of otherwise of the sound (e.g. old-
style but sweet sounding, rather out of tune especially bell x which 
is quite flat, etc. etc.). Very few writers include this information, 
but after all isn't it what a bell is for?

Bill H

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