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I would agree that very few people would be qualified to make detailed
comments on the tone of bells in the way that Chris Dalton does.

That having been said, his descriptions of bells in his Dorset books adds a
whole new dimension to the survey. And I have to say, I am now desperate to
have a ring at Bagshot, Surrey, after Dalton's description of them as
"extraordinary granky throaty gurglers but interesting and rather exciting
sound. 3rd pretty good, 4th weird, 6th good, 7th pretty good but old-style
-ish, tenor extraordinary".

Andrew Bull

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I have a real problem with 2) - not that I don't strongly agree in

It's just that it's very difficult not to be subjective - to like / dislike
bells by particular founders, to believe in true-harmonic tuning to the
exclusion of all else, to have heard bells in and out of the tower, to
remember towers visited several years back, to be consistent between
impressions on successive visits etc. 

Chris Dalton does this very well - mostly (with reservations about his
strong dislike of a couple of founders) - and makes it clear why he likes or
dislikes certain sounds. I don't have the assurance in my opinions to
attempt it, and in re-wprking my material I've tended to delete any tonal
comments I wrote in the past. Looking back, I find much of the tonal comment
in my site visit notes 

I think it's valid to have a particular interest - e.g. historical evolution
of the bells / installation - and to say so in an introduction, so that
those seeking other material - e.g. comments on tone - are let down lightly.
In 'Warwickshire' I'll probably include a short chapter on tone and tuning,
but not comments in the parish/place entries.


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