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jim phillips jim at p...
Wed Sep 10 23:23:41 BST 2003

I agree with Chris Pickford regarding one's personal preference for bell
sounds Some people do not like the sound of the bells of St Paul's
Cathedral whilst I simply love the sound when in full cry. I prefer the
sound of Southwark (when well rung) to Redcliffe. I also liked the
individual sound of the twelve at Kidderminster and feel the squawking of
one bell could have been rectified. We could now be faced with just another
bland modern twelve. The historic old twelve at St Martins in the Fields
were once discredited for tonal quality, but now having been tuned are
highly praised now they are in the Swan tower. Recent authors have come up
with splendid work concerning the history, bell marks and inscriptions,
dimensions, pitch,( i.e. whether a tenor is slightly flat of G), bell frames
and other interesting detail. However I feel the author's personal
preferences and prejudices regarding tonal quality or founder should be kept
to themselves.

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