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A very good suggestion from Mike. Perhaps we can compile an anthology ? H=
ere is another one, from Francis Grayling's "Churches of Kent". (Bicknor, S=
t James): There is "a quackery of steel bells, which was cast for the 1862 =
Exhibition" !=20

The thing is that CD has a way with words and expressions with which only h=
e can get away ! I've often quoted his description of the (actual) Westmin=
ster quarter-bells: "The great, tough Warner quarters". Even the comma is =
important. Big Ben itself he tonally consigns to the pot. We'd probably all=
agree at least on that.

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Perhaps you need to get hold of a book about euphemisms for=20
inspiration? Might I suggest you might want to say things such as:

"Crowle are an individual sounding ring"

"Ullenhall are tonally unique"

X cast some good bells.



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