[Bell Historians] Re: Layout of information

David Bryant david at b...
Fri Sep 12 18:55:03 BST 2003

> Perhaps you need to get hold of a book about euphemisms for
> inspiration? Might I suggest you might want to say things such as:
> "Crowle are an individual sounding ring"
> "Ullenhall are tonally unique"
> X cast some good bells.

Or, more generally, 'character' is a good one. I also know a ringer who
would describe bells as 'pretty', much to the amusement of those in the
know, who were aware that what he actually meant was 'pretty crap'.

If the bells are so bad that it isn't possible to make any vaguely
favourable comment (e.g. Cothelstone, Staple Fitzpaine), then it might be
possible to deflect attention if asked what you think of them by commenting
on the church, village, etc.


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