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> Those descriptions by themselves seem rather useless. "Pretty good" under
> what criteria? What do "weird" or "extraordinary" tell us? Are they good
> sounds or bad sounds? Perhaps the tenor sounds like someone revving a car
> engine - that would certainly be extraordinary.
> As it happens, Bagshot is in my Guild, and I've rung a peal there. The
> tenor sounds bad, reminiscent of a tin bath perhaps, but I wouldn't call it
> "extraordinary". Lots of bells sound crap.

Personally - I find other peoples interpretaions of different bells or rings, 
very interesting and often quite amusing. I would feel disappointed if these 
opinions were left out. In comparison - Colchester's Bells of Hampshire is 
quite boring - only listing inscriptions, a lot of which are wrong!

I think Chris Dalton's books on Dorset are superb and make excellent reading 
- a good layout and interpretation of how things stood at that point in time - 
roll on Part 3 & Wiltshire too!


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