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Wed Sep 24 10:16:48 BST 2003

There is a 3 cwt approx C and G Mears bells in the clock tower of Ashford 
railway works hung for swing chiming and fitted with stay but no slider. I 
have not seen the bell myself but have seen a copy of a report on it by 
DLC which mentions that rope passed from the garter hole over the top of 
the wheel before passing through the ground pulley. David - any further 
details ? Whilst the clock tower is listed and remains as part of the 
railway works redevelopment does anyone know if the bell is still in situ

There was a local legend that some of the old ringers who were employed at 
the Works learnt to ring on this bell (including Walter Everett who was 
Ashford tower captain in the 50's). However given the roping arrangement 
this must be unlikely


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