[Bell Historians] Removed in the war

David Bryant david at b...
Thu Apr 1 08:26:10 BST 2004

> Is there a list of those removed? Did Dove list those rings destroyed?
> Let me start it off the top...
> Removed
> Southwark
> Magnus the M (thus in greater danger)
> Cornhill

Pierhead (this did get hit, but the bells were recast after the war anyway)

> Destroyed
> Bow
> Cripplegate
> Jewry
> Hart St
> St Brides
> St Paul's (east end hit)
> Horsleydown
> Dunstan's in the East

Bristol St Nicholas, St Peter, St Mary-le-Port
York, St Martin-le-Grand

There should be a list of all wartime losses in older editions of Dove if
anyone has one to hand.


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