Rudhall rings

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Fri Apr 2 18:45:15 BST 2004

The Rudhall lists shows that they cast a number of complete rings of which very few survive intact - the 1704 list claims one ring of ten (Warwick - actually two dates as they were supplied as an eight and augmented very soon afterwards), ten rings of eight, 32 rings of six and 25 rings of five. 

Many years ago, I did a full analysis of the Rudhall lists against the bells from the Gloucester foundry that are known from a wide range of sources. I have a list of some 4862 bells cast at the foundry (including those cast between 1835 and 1847 when Mears had a branch there).

Near surviving rings include:
Stanton Lacy, 1693 - five out of six (one recast 1778)
Barnwood, 1698 - five out of six (treble recast by Warner)

But the earliest surviving complete ring would seem to be Worfield (a Rudhall six of 1699) followed by Quatt (1700)


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