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Fri Apr 2 15:51:54 BST 2004

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From: Chris Pickford
I believe that each case should be considered on its own merits, though such
a view is regarded as untenable in today's highly regulated society!

I know it would add to bureacracy, but is there a case for two lists ; one
of bells that all would agree should be listed, the other of bells that
'well, could be listed, but....', and which might be listed on a 'better
safe than sorry' policy.

None of our bells are listed, though under the proposed regulations two
almost certainly will be; a pre-1600 Bristol bell (with an unevenly cast
soundbow) and the largest bell ever cast by L&J. We also have two 1614 bells
by John Wallis. They have no canons (probably removed in 1891), one was
skirted in 1882, the other was tuned (minimally)in 1998. Both sound
beautiful. Should these be listed?

Anne Willis

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