[Bell Historians] Copy of a letter to the RW re Church bells.

grhaywarduk doublehandler at h...
Mon Apr 5 21:14:56 BST 2004

>if there are only three bells
>and they're not very well in tune it probably isn't worth tuning 
>However, if they are to be augmented to six it may bel.

Absolute tosh!

How can you say that it is not worth trying to improve a ring just 
becuase they are a three?

Unfortunately there is another leading York ringer who seems to 
share this attitude towards lower numbers: that threes are only 
there as potential sixes and should either be hung dead or augmented.

If I was in charge of restoring an out-of-tune ring of three, I 
would definitely consider having them retuned to improve the sound 
coming out of the tower a little. To leave them out of tune just 
because they are a three is just plain daft, especially considering 
the cost of retuning if the bells have to come out of the tower 


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