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> Am I correct in thinking that 'listed' bells in CCT churches are on the
main lists under the category 'bells outside faculty jurisdiction'? I know a
number of secular bells are.
> David

Most churches with bells are Listed Buildings and any work proposed to
either their fabric or their contents (meaning fixtures and fittings, which
includes bells and bell frames) requires Listed Building Consent *unless*
they are one of the "mainstream" churches that have been granted
"Ecclesiastical Exemption" from LBC. So, presumably, St Thomas's and other
redundant churches that are now outside faculty jurisdiction require LBC
before any work is carried out. LBC is granted by the Local Authority. How
do they deal with bell matters, I wonder? Whom do they turn to for
specialist advice? Does anyone (Neil, or CJD, perhaps) have any experience
of this?

By the way, don't lose sight of the fact that bells in a "listed" church are
automatically "listed", even if not on the CCC's "list". (We need a
different word; "Registered, perhaps".)

DB (not to be confused with DJB!)

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