Skerryvore Bell

Robert Lewis editor at r...
Wed Apr 7 12:44:00 BST 2004

Bell at St. Conan's Kirk, Loch Awe

Does anyone have any details concerning the bell from Skerryvore Lighthouse 
that is now in the Bruce Chapel at the above church? Extract from website 

"Beneath the figure, let into the base, is a small ossuary which contains a 
bone of the King himself, taken from Dunfermline Abbey. In the chapel also 
are stored two screens from Eton College Chapel. It was Mr. Campbell's 
intention to erect these in another small chapel on the north side of the 
church, but on his death this project was abandoned. The large bell, which 
came from Skerryvore Lighthouse, was to have been hung in the church 
tower-but again this proposal had to be abandoned on the death of the founder."


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