L&J tenors

Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Wed Apr 7 13:15:13 BST 2004


> What would the now marvellous bells at ...
> Whitchurch Canonicorum ... be like if the
> foundries hadn't been allowed to tickle them up?

Absolutely, Whitchurch, like Leatherhead, were done by Whitechapel in 
the mid 20s when, in my humble opinion, they were better at tuning 
old bells than casting new ones (compare Bridport, which I like and I 
believe CJD doesn't . . .). I think Whitchurch are a smashing peal. 
Leatherhead are only spoilt by being right above one's head in the 
ringing room, they are fine outside.

Is it not the case that (re-)tuning is just as historically 
interesting an art as casting?

Incidentally, I have just 'captured' my first L&J peal (hence the 
title) at Teignmouth; thanks to the locals for letting me come 
yesterday. I didn't hear the tenor, it is unhung. Two of the bells, 
2nd and 7th, are as good as true-harmonic, and in my view are lovely 
sounding bells. This I found most interesting in view of their date 
(1897). Unfortunately the nominals of the peal (i.e. outer tuning) 
are a bit erratic, most of the bells are mostly maiden. If the tenor 
is any good, these are a good peal, though perhaps hampered a bit by 
the tower. My impression of L&J has just gone up considerably.

By the way, it is very probable that the recording on the Teignmouth 
website is actually of somewhere else. Teignmouth are Eb, the 
recording is in C. It's not running at the wrong speed, the inter-
bell intervals are wrong. I wonder where it is?

Bill H

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