[Bell Historians] Re: L&J tenors

Susan Dalton dalton.family at v...
Fri Apr 9 09:29:22 BST 2004

>> Has anyone heard the recording on the East Ardsley website? Another
>> fine sounding L&J ring, but the recording is in D and according
>> to "Dove" they are in E. I've not rung there yet, but would be
>> interested to know why the discrepancy.
>> NWB
>> Just had a listen - they sound quite good! Definitely in D on the
>> recording - I suspect a lot of Dove notes are wrong anyway - but
> they were
>> retuned in the 1990s but not down a tone!
>> Andrew
> Does anyone have a revised tenor weight and note for East Ardsley
> then?

[Lowering of pitch something to do with the recording, I suggest. From
memory only two bells were retuned at the time of the recent restoration,
and the tenor wasn't one of them. The note was, and presumably still is,
actually a little sharp of E.

Andrew Nicholson told me (with more than a hint of regret in his voice) that
no retuning is to be done at East Teignmouth. CD]

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