[Bell Historians] Minsters

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Thu Apr 22 11:04:26 BST 2004

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> "Minster - The word is derived from Latin monasterium and was used 
for the
> church belonging to a monastry or a chapter. Not that there is a 
> round here that I know of. Preston has indeed only just become a 
Minster in
> line with the awarding of city status to Preston."
> All sounds a bit contrived to me, a bit like awarding yourself a
> professorship or buying a title off the internet...
> DrL

I had always assumed that the word had a monastic connection and that 
was why I was mystified as to how Preston and Bishopwearmouth had 
managed to achieve the title. Who conferred it upon these two 
newcomers, the diocesan authorities?


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