[Bell Historians] BBC looks at CCC

Richard Offen richard.offen at o...
Thu Apr 22 16:59:34 BST 2004

--- In bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, David Bryant <david at b...> 
> > The BBC has been talking to leading figures in the industry
> And I think we can guess what a certain leading figure in said 
industry might have said!
> > and has also been interviewing and filming ringers at Crawley, 
West Sussex.
> And what might they know about bells? Very little - in common with 
most ringers, perhaps?

That's a bit damning and unecessary David. 

In my experience, there are a great many ringers, over and above the 
ones on this list, who have a great deal of knowledge, and passion 
for, bells and their historical significance. Any ringer in his 
right mind would also be extremely concerned at the thought of losing 
bell founding as part of our national heritage.

As a correspondent said in the Ringing World this morning:

"Thousands of bell frames.
Tens of thousands of bells.
Two bell foundries.

What is most in need of preservsation?"


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