[Bell Historians] BBC looks at CCC

Richard Offen richard.offen at o...
Sun Apr 25 08:32:11 BST 2004

> Of course I agree, but I honestly don't believe that the CCC listing
> proposals are a major threat - the problem with them seems to be 
very bad PR
> regarding their launch which has alienated the trade and many 
ringers. I
> think far more important factors which could lead to a reduction in 
> number of bells being cast are a general lack of money in the CofE 
and the
> increase in the reuse of second-hand bells.
> David

And now we're back where I started all this several weeks ago! 
Please, show me some firm evidence to prove or disprove your theory.

We still haven't been told exactly how many bells this estimated 3% 
more will be, or how likely it is that they would go through a bell 
founder's hand in the future. On the one hand we've been told by 
the CCC that the lists are merely advisory, but we've heard from a 
memember of the industry that they are being used in a much more 
mandatory fashion, but no one has added any coroboratory evidence to 
confirm or deny this.

If there is a general lack of money for bell work, how come there 
seems to be sufficient work to support more bell hanging firms than 
there has been in this country for many years? The evidence in the 
Ringing World (and also in the number of applications for grants we 
get to the Sharpe Trust each year) would indicate that there is 
plenty of bell restoration work planned and going ahead, so the money 
is coming from somewhere ...but how will the new listing process 
affect this anbd those carrying it out?

Perhaps I'm being thick (more than likely!), but I still don't feel I 
have sufficient evidence to put pen to paper and write cogently to 
the CCC either supporting or damning thier new proposals.


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