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Thu Apr 29 11:00:23 BST 2004

DrL wrote:-

>Doubting Thomas (AJP):
> How do we know these figures are correct? Were they independently

>Come on Jim - what do you think? Seriously, we can only go on the info
>supplied with the source stated. Then you just takes your choice!

If the tuning figures for the old bells as given by Croydon were correct (RO
described them as 'bog standard') then why did honest men of the calibre of
A A Hughes and E Alexander Young so vigorously oppose the recasting of these
particular bells in a well publicised court case? The late F E Darby, a
former employee of Croydon had some interesting things to say and perhaps
his experiences at Croydon was recorded in Mike Moreton's interview with
Frank. Does anyone know why the Croydon Foundry ceased trading as a bell
foundry? Is Michael Howard, the last director, still alive? I know the
clock making and renovation side of G&J is still going strong as they have
renovated the clock at Seasalter and put back the iv on the dial instead of
the 1111 which will please DLC.

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