[Bell Historians] Any offers?

George Dawson George at d...
Thu Apr 29 16:42:19 BST 2004

> Concidentally, just two days ago I received a similar inquiry about a 
> similar bell:
> >We have in our possession a Naylor Vickers & Co. Bell dated 1858.
> >
> >Number 672
> >
> >Sheffield--- E. Riepe's Patent
> >
> >Cast steel
> >
> >Can we get an estimate of its value. It is part of our fathers 
> >estate and will be disposed of. As a family we hate to sell it for 
> >the scrap value of cast steel.
> I asked the sender for further description (including where he was 
> located), but have not yet had a response.
> Carl
I would be most grateful for data when you get any.

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