Any offers?

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Wed Apr 28 22:56:17 BST 2004

--- I am sure that if planted correctly, it would make an interesting 
garden feature. The bell hung in St. Luke's Church, Knowsley Road, 
St. Helens is reputed to have served this purpose prior to assuming 
its present role.

In bellhistorians at, "Bill Hibbert" <bill at h...> wrote:
> I have just received the following email. How do you think I should 
> reply?
> > I have this bell Naylor-Vickers bell in my backyard. It
> > is large, maybe 20-30" in diameter and extreamly heavy.
> > Both supports are with it. I was thinking of selling it
> > and was wondering if you have any information on what
> > it may be worth? I know it came from historic Bristol,
> > Pennsylvania, USA. The date on it is 1858 and it has a
> > number on it #219.
> Bill H

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