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I suspect you may be right about the coins melting but without knowledge
of the melting "points" of the two alloys - it should be qualified. 

Pure Silver has a M Pt of 961.93 deg Celsius.

However, because it is an alloy Sterling Silver (5% copper) melts over a
range starting at approx 760 deg Celsius.

I don't have this information in my head!...

See http://www.madsci.org/posts/archives/nov2001/1005200805.Ch.r.html

I am sure someone out there will have the temperature at which bell
metal is poured into moulds. 

That should stop any arguments. Facts usually do!

Hope this helps


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> On the lip of the bell are three old silver coins, much worn, which 
> have clearly been put in the mould before casting

Clearly bollocks. I've seen this type of statement before. What they no
doubt actually mean is that a coin was used to form an impression in the
mould, thus forming a facsimile of itself on the bell. Logic dictates
that the coins themselves couldn't have been put in the mould - when the
molten metal hit them, they too would melt!



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