Bags of spanners

Peter Whisker peter at w...
Mon Aug 2 15:18:17 BST 2004

Having just returned from Finland, we were acquainted with their bells
which, at best, sound like a bag of spanners or iron bars being dropped onto
concrete. At worst, they are indescribable. We had a first encounter with
the two bells at Savonlinna Cathedral and the two at nearby Kerimaki church
(the largest wooden church in the world).

However, the carillon in the fairly modern council offices at Kouvola is an
"excellent" example. Twelve bells struck by the clock (hammers or pulled
clapper, not sure which). We heard a clang at 12:45 which sounded like the
iron bar being dropped, so while we had our lunch we awaited the 1pm
chimes - which was unfortunate really as our ears were seriously assaulted!.

The cacophony sounded like a bad accident in a metal works.

Is there any reason on earth why bells in this part of the world are so
untuned or is it just a case of masochism/sadism by the founders?


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