[Bell Historians] Bags of spanners

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Mon Aug 2 16:18:03 BST 2004

Maybe Finnish founders were inspired by the following. Unfortunately there
seems to be no further correspondence on the subject.

Anne Willis

THE BUILDER: Saturday October 26th 1844
The Irish Ecclesiastical Journal informs the clergy that they can substitute
cast-steel bars for ordinary church bells with considerable advantage as
regards both tone and cheapness. Any clergyman can procure for 30/- a bar
of cast steel producing a better tone than the ordinary small church bells
which cost from £4 to £6. Limerick Chronicle
[the charge is similar to that in motion repeating watches.]

November 16th 1844
Sir	Having seen in no 90 of THE BUILDER an article quoted from the Limerick
Chronicle stating that cast-steel bars may be obtained which will produce a
sound similar to that of small church bells at about one fourth of the
expense, I should feel obliged if you or any of your numerous correspondents
can inform me, through the medium of your valuable journal, first in what
shape they are made; secondly how they are to be affixed or suspended; how
and with what they are to be struck to produce the sound.
Campanologie, Titchmarsh

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