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Wed Aug 4 18:45:56 BST 2004

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> I have just found three Taylor 1934 clapper stays (those bar things 
with the
> hinged bit to hold the clapper stem) whilst cleaning out a local 
> Does anyone know if they were originally painted or varnished - 
what was the
> livery?
> Andrew

The ones at Whalley were varnised- although it is a long time since 
I saw them, and I recall that there used to be three for the three 
smallest bells.
Only two (for treble+third, top tier of frame) ever used as fitting 
the one for the second meant climbing down into the bottom tier which 
houses 2,4,6,7and 8.
I presume the clapper stays are by Taylors as the bells are Taylors 



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