[Bell Historians] St. Dunstan in the East E.C.3.

David Bryant david at b...
Fri Aug 6 20:51:38 BST 2004

> Could DLC or others tell us where the remnants of this ring of bells
> are to be rehoused for ringing?
> It would be interesting to know how they are to be sorted into a ring
> of bells, considering that they are part of what was a 21cwt octave.

So far as I am aware, the project has been abandoned. It was somewhere in
America - not sure where.

They are currently an octave in F, with a 14 cwt tenor (the old 7th). I
understand that the intention was to remodel them back to what they were

I suspect that had the project gone ahead it may have been disappointing
unless the tower in which the bells were put was very good accoustically. I
imagine that the bells thelselves will have been very good, but it will have
been the tower acoustics which gave them the edge over many other
similar-weight rings by the same founder.


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