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1. The revised chime is a diatonic octave in F, if it were desired to hang =
them for ringing. They are of course ringing weights.

2. On the other hand it would be possible to replicate the 1951 ring: remov=
e the present treble, second and sixth replace the latter two with bells a=
semitone flatter (i.e. Eb and Ab) and of the same size, weight and harmoni=
c structure, to become the treble and fifth of the replicated ring, and add=
a tenor, 48 1/2" diameter, weight 21-0-14 approx in Eb. The bells would ha=
ve of course to be Taylor shape, profile and tuning.

There's no difficulty in "sorting them into a ring", either by leaving them=
as they are (not the best option in my view, but still quite acceptable); =
or replicating the 1951 ring - within the constraints of the place in which=
they are to hang of course. As we know, no ring of bells sounds the same i=
n another place as it did in the first - cf Clapham Park/Spitalfields; Lamb=
eth/Caterham Valley.

In either case, there would be five of the 1951 ring and three new/newer.

As to where they are (?were) going to go, I suppose the answer is, wait and=

Before anyone asks, no I don't know where the 1951 treble went (other than =
possibly to the pot) and the former 5th and tenor were broken up. Story on =
Dickon's website. Nor do I know where the frame and fittings went excepting=
that a few which could be were used on the swinging bells of the chime.

An interesting survival in our own country is the first casting of the 1951=
2nd bell. It hangs 'dead' in St Vincent de Paul RC Church, Southmead, Bris=
tol. It came out rather flat for the St Dunstan's ring, but being a perfect=
ly good bell was sold on and it is still in regular use. The reproduced ins=
cription was turned off leaving just RECAST/19(T)51 on the waist.

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Could DLC or others tell us where the remnants of this ring of bells=20
are to be rehoused for ringing?
It would be interesting to know how they are to be sorted into a ring=20
of bells, considering that they are part of what was a 21cwt octave.

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