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Firstly, the front seven bells are by Robert Wells of Aldbourne, 1771. The =
Tenor is by Rudhall 1716. None is listed for preservation.

At an early stage in discussions on this project, I was asked by English He=
ritage what I knew about these bells. I rang on them regularly for 36 years=
. I do still ring there on occasions.

Initially, EH wanted to retain all of the canons. However, I made a plea on=
the part of the parish that removal of the canons was the only way forward=
in achieving much-needed improvements to the 'go' of these bells. This was=
backed-up by Brian White who rehung the bells. Eventually, a compromise wa=
s reached as Brian considered that he could effect the desired improvements=
whilst retaining the canons on the top four bells. With sympathetic tuning=
, the bells are greatly improved in the sound that is produced and in the '=
go'. This is all the more remarkable given that this heavy eight is hung at=
the top of a slender tower. I can only reiterate what others have said and=
that is that Whites and Whitechapel are to be congratulated in achieving a=
most satisfactory outcome.

During the initial discussions with EH I did make the point that retaining =
the canons of the top four would be lost, not least because of a tower near=
by with five bells by Robert Wells all with canons.=20

As far as I am aware, the matter was not referred to the CCC, although it i=
s my presumption that through my membership of that committee my views were=

Neil Skelton.

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