Salisbury St Thomas

Richard Offen richard.offen at o...
Sat Aug 7 11:41:10 BST 2004

> During the initial discussions with EH I did make the point that 
retaining the canons of the top four would be lost, not least because 
of a tower nearby with five bells by Robert Wells all with canons. 
> As far as I am aware, the matter was not referred to the CCC, 
although it is my presumption that through my membership of that 
committee my views were canvassed. 
> Neil Skelton.

Thanks Neil.

As you say, it really does seem pointless keeping canons on four of 
the bells, especially when there are other examples close by.

Yet another example of EH going into 'silly' mode again ...and this 
doesn't just happen where bells are concerned!


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