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I wrote the 1978 article. I was pressed to do so for reasons which appear i=
n the first paragraph.=20

A more authoritative one (by DrL and myself) is to be found on Dickon's sit=
e. See http://london.lovesguide.com/dunstan-in-the-east.htm

It includes a couple of accounts of the bells, one by RCO (he will forgive =
me for saying it's a bit OTT) and one by Jim Hedgcock (who will not forgive=
me for observing that he typically dumbs them down). Still, we're all enti=
tled to our own opinions, and mine is nearer to Richard than to JH, unsupri=

There is another and very excellent and balanced account coming to the site=
from John Pladdys, who was as involved with these bells as I was. That one=
gets ten out of ten from me. I understand that with it there will be put u=
p a digitally repaired recording of the sound of these bells (originally do=
ne on a portable reel-to-reel recorder and therefore, even repaired, is not=
to be compared with the real thing).

One point about the bells at Calistoga, four were hung in one tower (1,3,5 =
and 8, i.e. new 1, old 2, old 4 and old 7) for slow swinging; the others w=
ere hung in pairs 'dead' in the other towers (i.e. new 2, old 3 (4), new 6 =
and old 6 (7).


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The details of the original bells, and of the rejigged ring=20
undertaken in 1972, were reported in the RW 20/2/1978. The Spanish=20
style Sterling vineyard is located at the north end of the Napa=20
Valley in California. It is unusual in that it is reached by cable=20
car. When I saw the bells in 2000 they were hung for slow swinging in=20
3 separate towers and were open to the elements.


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