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Look - this thing of Canterbury 9th is no business of anyone except the Cat=
hedral, the Cathedral Company of Ringers and the bellfounders and has nothi=
ng to do with the very interesting topic of trebles on higher numbers - whi=
ch has exercised ringers and founders alike since the 18th century (Christ =
Church, Bristol springs to mind).

So far as Canterbury is concerned, all of us who had any involvement were d=
elighted with the bells at the tryout, and I for one have had no reason to =
change my opinion. I shall be interested to hear how the bells seem to have=
responded heavier clappers - especially outside.

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> > Also the 9th has been quarter turned
> >=20
> > But they've only been in just over twenty years - why did it need=20
> turning so soon?
> >=20
> Apparently some porosity in the casting has resulted in some rapid=20
> clapper wear.=20

Was the fact known (and pointed out to the authorities) that the=20
bell was a poor casting before/during tuning?
Does the fact that it is a poor casting mean it will need to be=20
turned again in another twenty odd years or is it a case of suck it=20
and see, and has the bell been overclappered in the past?


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