[Bell Historians] Trebles on higher numbers

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Mon Aug 9 20:11:03 BST 2004

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> Look - this thing of Canterbury 9th is no business of anyone except 
the Cathedral, the Cathedral Company of Ringers and the bellfounders 
and has nothing to do with the very interesting topic of trebles on 
higher numbers - which has exercised ringers and founders alike since 
the 18th century (Christ Church, Bristol springs to mind).
> So far as Canterbury is concerned, all of us who had any 
involvement were delighted with the bells at the tryout, and I for 
one have had no reason to change my opinion. I shall be interested to 
hear how the bells seem to have responded heavier clappers - 
especially outside.
> DLC 
There is no need to get shirty over peoples curiosity re 9th at 
No one is asking you to change your opinion about anything and 
there is certainly no need for you to get excited about a question 
related to the life expectancy of the bell.
One would assume that such a bell would not knowingly be hung 
There have many postings here about about the quality of various 
bells, and I have yet to see anyone react in the manner in which you 
have done.
I have never rung at Canterbury Cathederal so do not know if they 
are any good or not.
This is a "bell historians" group and the qaulity of bells has been 
raised before, and I am sure will be raised again.


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