Trebles on higher numbers

Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Tue Aug 10 08:41:10 BST 2004

When I asked this question yesterday, I had not intended to start a 
discussion about the 9th at Canterbury!!! Off topic in my view!

Back to my original question: AW's comment: "I have measured quite a 
lot of bells now and can claim no substantial evidence that a heavier 
bell is significantly louder in itself" is what I would expect.

Trebles will tend to be quieter than tenors because a) they have less 
radiating area and b) other things being equal, the clapper will hit 
less hard. Tower acoustics and the position of the bells will have a 
big effect on loudness both inside and outside, to the extent that 
the experience in any one tower is probably not a good guide.

I am still very interested in answers to the question: is there any 
objective evidence that a bell cast to a thicker scale is louder, 
either by its nature or because a heavier clapper can be used? Are 
there any examples of heavy clappers doing damage to trebles cast to 
a thin scale?

Bill H

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