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And very little room around them as they are boxed in, as we found out when=
we replaced the treble clapper. Fag paper clearance of the clapper flight!=
Even with the extended flight on, the clapper doesn't hit the bell very ha=
rd and took an age to bed in and regain the volume that the first long flig=
hted clapper had (if yet)

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> I understand that the treble at the Bullring is measurably quieter=20
than the 2nd because it is thicker and therefore there isn't as much=20
clapper throw. The clappers in the front four here were, I believe,=20
replaced with heavier ones soon after the bells were installed.

One of the problems with that bell is the internal profile - almost=20
an "L" shape - with the clapper hitting just beneath the corner.=20=20
There isn't much space for the clapper throw, and the trebles now=20
have clappers with extended flights.


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