[Bell Historians] Trebles on higher numbers

Andrew Wilby andrew at w...
Tue Aug 10 10:04:26 BST 2004

>From memory soon after they were hung the Bullring treble generated 94dB against
116dB from the tenor. Bear in mind that 10dB represents a doubling of volume and
you can see the problem.

A comparative early measurement at Towcester had the treble at 112 and the tenor
at 116. Currently in the Ringing Room the figures are treble 78, tenor 80 which
explains why everyone can hear them all.

The problem with absurdly thick bells like the Bullring trebles is that not only
are the castings tight because of their pitch (and therefore require a lot of
force to vibrate them anyway) but the problem is compounded by the excessive
thickness and the limited clapper throw.
The design of the Bullring trebles also failed to produce a tone to match the
other 12.


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