[Bell Historians] Trebles on higher numbers

Andrew Wilby andrew at w...
Tue Aug 10 10:54:23 BST 2004

> > The design of the Bullring trebles also failed to produce a tone to match
> > other 12.
> How well do the trebles of the two other sixteens and the fourteen match the
back bells? I've not rung on any apart from the Bullring. I realise that all
three others are rather different from the Bullring in that they contain bells
of several eras and by several founders rather than being cast as one
> David
Dublin were not designed as a complete instrument so matching of tone is a
difficult issue to address there. I would say that the Taylor front end matches
the Taylor Tenor quite well but the match with the original old eight is as you
would expect.

I would say that the modern Whitechapel bells at Perth are quite complimentary
to the Rudhall bells. Of the front bells 2, 3 and 4 produce reasonable power.
Eventually we spotted the obvious. The treble is quieter and weaker in tone but
it lacks its crown pad and so it is tucked-up to much. This reduces the throw of
the clapper and thus the volume. The original order was for the 15. The treble
was added later and either the design was never matched to the others or someone
forgot something at some point. That fault, requiring the pad, longer crown
bolts, a longer clapper bolt and a few hours sweaty labour still remains to be
Next trip!

I think Perth have to be the best 16 so far in spite of the minor blemish and it
is not a little to do with the superbly tuned-up Rudhall 12 on which they are

My view of the intelligence behind adding Whitechapel trebles to a superb Taylor
12 at Winchester doesn't need writing here... you can guess.


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