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My perception of the trebles at Swan was that when they were first pulled o=
ff in rounds the pitch was governed more by the hum note than the nominal w=
hich gave the impression of them being the wrong note, even though the part=
ials were in line with the Rudhall bells. Just a function of pitch, thickne=
ss and the human (well my) ear. After a while and with all the other bells =
going too, they sounded right and I concur that they are the best of the cu=
rrent three 16s, despite not having rung at Dublin since the extra bells we=
re added - I can imagine!

I pointed out the faux pas with the hanging of the treble to the maintenanc=
e manager at Swan last December when we were down there, although I don't t=
hink he was in a hurry to do anything about it. Maybe a recent visitor to t=
he antipodes has a more up to date comment.


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> > The design of the Bullring trebles also failed to produce a tone to m=
> > other 12.
> How well do the trebles of the two other sixteens and the fourteen matc=
h the
back bells? I've not rung on any apart from the Bullring. I realise that =
three others are rather different from the Bullring in that they contain =
of several eras and by several founders rather than being cast as one
> David
Dublin were not designed as a complete instrument so matching of tone is =
difficult issue to address there. I would say that the Taylor front end m=
the Taylor Tenor quite well but the match with the original old eight is =
as you
would expect.

I would say that the modern Whitechapel bells at Perth are quite complime=
to the Rudhall bells. Of the front bells 2, 3 and 4 produce reasonable po=
Eventually we spotted the obvious. The treble is quieter and weaker in to=
ne but
it lacks its crown pad and so it is tucked-up to much. This reduces the t=
hrow of
the clapper and thus the volume. The original order was for the 15. The t=
was added later and either the design was never matched to the others or =
forgot something at some point. That fault, requiring the pad, longer cro=
bolts, a longer clapper bolt and a few hours sweaty labour still remains =
to be
Next trip!

I think Perth have to be the best 16 so far in spite of the minor blemish=
and it
is not a little to do with the superbly tuned-up Rudhall 12 on which they=

My view of the intelligence behind adding Whitechapel trebles to a superb=
12 at Winchester doesn't need writing here... you can guess.


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