Trebles on higher numbers

Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Tue Aug 10 14:05:10 BST 2004

Thanks for the various posts, they have been most illuminating.

My tentative conclusion from what has been said is that heavier 
trebles are quieter. One might expect this from the physics, because:
* either scale of treble would have about the same radiating area
* the heavier bell needs more clout from the clapper to vibrate 
* the smaller mouth means that the clapper gets less 'throw'.

Richard Grimmett was making the same point to me yesterday about the 
Bullring trebles being below the ring beam and not being heard 
outside. Newcastle Cathedral has the same problem; the extra treble 
is deep down in the frame (the only place it would go) and as a 
result can be heard OK inside but is inaudible outside.

Bill H

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