[Bell Historians] Trebles on higher numbers

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Tue Aug 10 11:49:43 BST 2004

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> My perception of the trebles at Swan was that when they were first 
pulled off in rounds the pitch was governed more by the hum note than 
the nominal which gave the impression of them being the wrong note, 
even though the partials were in line with the Rudhall bells. Just a 
function of pitch, thickness and the human (well my) ear. After a 
while and with all the other bells going too, they sounded right and 
I concur that they are the best of the current three 16s, despite not 
having rung at Dublin since the extra bells were added - I can 
> I pointed out the faux pas with the hanging of the treble to the 
maintenance manager at Swan last December when we were down there, 
although I don't think he was in a hurry to do anything about it. 
Maybe a recent visitor to the antipodes has a more up to date comment.
> Andrew

They still haven't done anything about it ...but we are talking WA 
here, where things must not be rushed into!


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