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The term Sanctus Bell seems to be taken these days as meaning any small bel=
l - often as in "not part of the ringing peal" bell and is used for service=
s when there are no ringers around i.e. early communion services etc. Some =
Anglican services do use it at the elevation of the host as it was intended=
but not many in my experience.

We had an occasion where we had marked a drawing as having a Sanctus Bell, =
and the DAC threw it out and insisted it could not be called that!

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> The sounding of a sanctus bell at points during a service of the Mass i=
> practised in both Roman Catholic and Anglo-Catholic places of worship, =
> am not sure what is considered to be the correct "form" (i.e. 3x3 or
> whatever) for their usage. Can someone please explain at what points
> the service a sanctus bell should be rung? I should add that I am think=
> in terms of a tower bell, to be heard outside, and not the various form=
> handbell chimes or gongs that may be sounded inside the church at point=
> during the liturgy.

At Holy Trinity, Bradford on Avon the Sanctus bell is rung after the
Prayers of Consecration. The pre-reformation habit was to ring the bell
before those Prayers.

The 1547 injunctions utterly forbade the ringing of bells during Sunday
services, except 'one bell in convinient time to be rung or knolled befor=
the sermon', which was probably intended to silence the sanctus bell. I
don't know when the habit was re-introduced, (?as a result of the Oxford
Movement) or even if it is strictly legal.

Anne Willis

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